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The ’10 for 10′ Detox Diet: Look and Feel Your Best in Just 10 Days!

Ok, summer is sadly over and we are all back to the swing of our regular stressful lives running kids to school and to and from activities and/or working crazy hours. So, should we just give up the healthy lifestyle that we had during the lazy days of summer?

No! We should actually use this time to create healthy patterns that start our Fall off right and that will help us manage our health and stress better, improve our complection, help us sleep better and help us lose weight in the process!

This Fall, I have created the Be in Balance ’10 for 10′ Detox Diet you do just that! I work with clients and oversee juice and detox diets but if you feel like you know the basics and want to do it on your own then here are some general guidelines to create your own!

Detoxing does NOT mean that you need to starve yourself and only drink juices all day so that you want to rip everyones (kids, husband & co-workers included) head off who get within a 10 block radius of you.

I am a huge fan of juice fasts and regularly do juice fasts and juice until dinner fasts but a detox diet is more to give your body a break. Think add to your life not take away. While you may experience occasional cravings or headaches (especially if you have been leading a very toxic life,) by day 3 you should be looking and feeling incredible. So, stick with it!

The Be in Balance ’10 for 10′ Detox Diet

For 10 days, take these 10 out of your diet:

Sugar (raw honey, agave nectar and stevia allowed)

Animal products (this includes fish!)

Dairy (milk, cheese, dressings with dairy)

Gluten (pasta, rice and yes, your morning bagel!)




Salt (sea salt allowed)

Soda (yes, diet causes weight gain too!)

Processed foods (chips, processed bars, junk food)

* Note to those who are addicted to caffeine… although I recommend going cold turkey, for those who want to slowly wean yourself off of the coffee over the course of 10 days, this is ok too. Green tea or Yurba Matte are both excellent substitutions!

Yikes! What if this is just too rigid and hard for you and you don’t want to give up ALL of this?

Then give up everything but one or two of them. I really feel, though, that it is important to give up alcohol, gluten and dairy because so many people have problems with these and just don’t know it until they take them out of their diet. Also, as a sidenote, I do believe that 10 days is the right timeframe to make real lasting change. But, if you can only do 5 or 7 days, then just do that. Perhaps you will choose to do 5 days during the week and take the weekend off. Any change you make is a step in the right direction!

For 10 days, commit to doing these 6 things:


#1 Take a good probiotic daily

When clients come to me, the first thing I do is to make sure they are taking a good probiotic daily. Because many of us our assaulted on a daily basis by toxins in the environment and foods we eat as well as robbed of our healthy bacteria by the antibiotics and other drugs that we take, it is essential that we repopulate the good bacteria into our gut so that we can have healthy digestion and a robust immune system. Bonus: good digestion=good metabolism= weight loss

To learn more about probiotics and why it is essential that you take them, please read Probiotics: the Single Most Important Supplement to Add to Your Diet.

choc smoothie

#2 Make one of your meals a green smoothie

So, what does this mean? Subsitute one of your meals for a liquid meal. I usually do breakfast or lunch but a very close family member substituted dinner to amazing results. Green smoothies do not have to be boring! The basic ingredients are: almond or soy milk (or hemp), a handful of greens such as kale or spinach, a protein powder (I adore Sun Warrior Protein Powder (above show using chocolate), some frozen fruit (I usually use banana and maybe a few berries but you can use any frozen fruit) and a few ice cubes. That’s it.


#3 Make one of your other meals a large green salad

This could mean you could have a salad for lunch or for dinner. And, the types of vegetables you can add to it or limitless! My favorites right now are avocados and, I have no idea why, but radishes! For those interested, the seeds I have put on top are hemp seeds and my beloved sprouts, which are bursting with nutrition!

drinking water

#4 Drink 64-75 oz of water daily

I cannot emphasize how important it is to drink enough water in order to detox and hydrate your body. Start your day off with a big glass of water with lemon (further detoxing) and drink throughout your day. Be careful, though, to stop or slow down your drinking around 6pm so that your sleep is not affected. Additionally, do not drink within 30 minutes of eating so that your digestive juices are not diluted.

incline 2

#5 Exercise 3-4 times a week

Do this for 30 minutes minimum (preferably 45 mins+) and work up a sweat to raise your heart rate, detox and get your energy flowing! This could mean a run or intense Bikram yoga class for some, or a walk for others. Just get out there and do something.


#6 Sweat everyday

Take a steam, sauna or hot bath at least 2 times during the week. Does this mean you have to go to some expensive gym? No! Just take a hot bath at home with Epson Salts. There are few brands that are scented with essences of lavender or eucalyptus. Epson salts will help you cleanse and detox your body. Afterwards take a luke warm/cool shower to wash off. Again, this is to detox your body and I promise that you will feel great!

The first step is making a commitment to changing your body and your life and recognizing that you are going to have to make sacrifices and sometimes these sacrifices are hard to make. Scream at me through the computer, go run it out on the treadmill, write in your journal about how much you hate this cleanse (or me) but do not stray away from what you have committed to do. You will only be cheating yourself!