Blue Manna Algae

Phycocyanin contains bioactive components that promote healthy joints and tissues and has also been shown to have potent antioxidant properties as well as the ability to support healthy joints and tissues. Blue Manna capsules contain about 100-125mg of Phycocyanin per gram.
PEA (phenylethylamine) is an endogenous brain compound found naturally in only two foods: chocolate and AFA algae. When taken consistently, PEA , nicknamed the molecule of love enhances mood, brain function, the nervous system and creates a feeling of joy or well-being. Blue Manna capsules contain about 8-12mg of PEA per gram.

Blue MannaTM promotes:
. Greater mental energy, attention, memory, and focus.
. Emotional and mental balance.
. Healthy joints and tissues.

Flo says: The benefits of manna algae are the best thing since raw sliced bread!


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