E3 Blue-Green Algae, Frozen 16 oz

The famous frozen E3 live! E3 Live is… Organic, wild-crafted frozen liquid blue green algae. E3 Live is… An excellent raw food, rich in nutrients, protein, amino acids, and minerals E3 Live is… The richest source of chlorophyll anywhere! So, what makes E3Live Different from Other Blue Green Algae? E3 Live retains the vitality, purity and energy of the fresh, live algae. It is the only filtered frozen liquid blue-green algae on the market that we know of. E3 Live is harvested deep in the center of Upper Klamath Lake-far from towns and other possible pollutants. E3 Live is only harvested when conditions are optimum and the algae are hearty and flourishing. E3 Live algae, harvested from the wild in its 100% organic natural state, comes to you directly from southern Oregon’s amazing Upper Klamath Lake. At 4000 ft in elevation, the lake is far from any pollution, and is entirely surrounded by the Cascade Mountains. This unique ecosystem of mineral-rich water, clean air and high intensity sunlight makes Upper Klamath Lake the perfect growth medium for this nutrient-dense whole food. E3 Earth’s Essential Elements Aphanizomenon flos-aquae is nature’s most basic food. This amazing food can also help to purify the blood, promote intestinal regularity and naturally help heal the body.



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