Fruit: Eve’s Temptation

There is a reason Eve ate the apple! Fruit is a food of the gods. Not only is fruit high in enzymes (see above article,) which aid in digestion, but fruit supplies our bodies withcarbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids and=2 0cancer-fighting tannins and flavonoids. Because it is made up mostly of water, fruit hydrates and helps the body cleanse, detox and eliminate. As an added bonus, fruit also helps us satisfy our taste for sweetness!

Fruit is one of the best things to have in the morning because not only does it provide you with vital nutrients to start your day, but it also goes through the body quickly and aids in detoxing the body. Children know this basic truth and flock to fruit not only for its sweet taste but also because their bodies need and crave it!

Add as much fruit to your diet as you can, however, buy locally grown food in season for environmental concerns and maximum nutrition. But, as a side note, it is not recommended that you mix fruits with carbohydrates or proteins because fruits ferment during digestion and inhibit the digestion of whatever else you are eating.

Strawberries and cherries are in season in June and blueberries, raspberries, apples and peaches begin to be harvested in July. Take advantage of all the abundance we have and don’t pass them up!

For a healthy start to the morning, have a fresh bowl of fruit or try my fruit smoothie below. And, for an afternoon snack make a fruit sorbet in your blender or juicer. There is nothing more refreshing and hydrating in the summer months!

Fresh Berries & Bananas with Cashew Cream (slight variation on the recipe above)
1 handful of fresh blueberries
1 banana (or 4 figs)
Shredded coconut (optional)

For cashew cream (you can also substitute Silk Milk Soy Vanilla Creamer ):
½ cup water
2 cups cashews (pre-soaked for 1-6 hours)
1 cup agave nectar
¼ cup vanilla bean

Slice the banana either length-wise or horizontally (whichever you prefer) and top with a handful of blueberries and shredded coconut. Place all of the ingredients for the cashew cream into the food processor and run for approximately 2-5 minutes until smooth. Top the cashew mixture on top and enjoy! This is perfect for breakfast or even for an afternoon snack. You can also serve the berries simply with Silk Milk Soy Vanilla Creamer for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack.

“Start the Day off Right” Smoothies
Mixed berries, banana or your favorite fruit
Vanilla Almond Breeze almond milk (or soy or rice milk)
For extra protein: 1 tbsp soy lecithin or almond butter
For Omega 3’s: squirt of flax seed oil
For extra energy (sexual and otherwise…): 1 tsp maca powder
For “super smoothie”: throw in fresh green such as spinach, kale and/or romaine!

Place in blender and blend. If fruits are not frozen, then add ice cubes to thicken and enjoy!

Fruit “Sorbet”
Fresh fruit of your choice
Sliced frozen peaches

Put in juicer or blender and blend until creamy. This is delicious and a favorite of my kids!

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