Here is the Skinny on Alkalinity!

So, here is the skinny on alkalinity. If you have been reading magazines and following the latest juice fasting fad then I am sure you have come across it. Before your eyes glaze over and you move on to the next article, this is a word all of us women should know and become friends with!

Not only can you prevent disease and feel great by keeping your bodies alkaline but you can also lose 5 pounds or more just by making this one change!

What is alkalinity?
When people talk about alkalinity, they are really referring to the PH balance in the body. Scientifically, PH is the balance of the positively charged hydrogen ion molecules in our body and refers to the acid and base balance in our blood, saliva or mucus. This relationship between acid and base (or PH) is measured on a scale from 1 to 14 with 7 being neutral, below 7 acidic, and above 7 alkaline.

So, what does all this mean? How does it relate to me?
In a nutshell, our bodies should maintain a neutral or slightly alkaline state for optimal health. If we have an overly acidic or alkaline body, then we are prone to disease. High acidity in the body has been linked to fatigue, depression, poor digestion, candida, weight retention, and cellular degeneration.

When we have an overly acidic body not only are our adrenal and kidneys stressed but vital nutrients such as sodium, potassium and calcium are leached from our bones and tissues in an effort to create PH balance in the blood. There is a reason that the US has one of the leading rates of osteoporosis in the world despite having one of the highest levels of consumption of milk and dairy products (with Japan having the lowest despite having very low dairy consumption)- our Standard American Diet is just too acidic!

Many people in the health field (myself included) believe that acidity in our bodies is the main cause of most chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cancer and other degenerative diseases. In his book, The China Study, noted author and researcher T. Colin Campbell has said that cancer cannot grow and thrive in an alkaline environment. Does this mean that everyone who eats their veggies won’t get cancer and anyone who does not will? No! But, eating a healthy, alkaline diet, will greatly improve your chances for staying healthy and disease-free!

How does acidity in the body cause weight gain?
When our bodies are acidic, they are not working at their optimal capacity and do not have the ability to properly process and digest food. And, what this means is the dreaded “slow metabolism” or weight-gain syndrome! If you are eating an acidic diet, not only are you making poor food choices from a nutritional and caloric standpoint, but you are taxing your adrenals and making your body prone to yeast infections and Candida. This, in turn, interferes with the digestion of food and results in nutritional deficiencies. A circle of doom you can’t escape! If you are tired all the time or have dark circles under your eyes and are eating reasonably well but can’t seem to lose weight, your body is acidic!

So, which foods (and situations) are acidic and which are alkaline?

Here is a general overview but basically eat as many leafy green vegetables and fresh fruits as possible!

Acidic– breads, meats, dairy, cheeses, refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, lack of sleep and stress!

Alkaline– all leafy greens (such as kale, swiss chard, spinach, romaine, you get the drift…), seaweeds, fruits, vegetables, peaceful walks in the park, yoga, reading, and a nice, hot bath.

If I think I am acidic what should I do?
First things first, I recommend keeping a food journal. Write everything down that you eat, and at the end of the week take a real, honest look at what you are consuming. Secondly, I recommend purchasing Alkaline test strips, which can be purchased at You test your urine with these strips and they will tell you where you are on the PH scale at any time of the day. I find that these are very useful because you can really see what the affect of each food you consume has on your body!

With most of my clients, I recommend that they take gluten and dairy out of their diet for a week or two and see what happens. Greens are incredibly alkalinizing and I recommend that you have at least one green salad for one of your meals and also add one green juice (juice bars are notorious for adding massive amounts of apple so make sure it is a true green juice and only 1 apple is used) to your diet per day. If it is possible also try to have a wheatgrass shot, which does much in the way of alkalizing the body. The juices bring an alkaline force into the body that helps neutralize the toxic acidity that we have as a result of our modern diets thus preventing disease (and helping you gain energy and lose weight!)

Gadgets and Gizmos…
If you want to take it a step further, you can purchase a high-quality water filter with an alkalinizing function that literally turns the water as acidic or alkaline as you want it or you can also purchase alkaline drops or a stick to add to your water. Alkalinizing testing strips are also available where you can take your alkalinity throughout the day. For someone who is making a change in their diet, these can be quite useful.

To find out more about purchasing and using a juicer or any of these products or to arrange a consultation with me, you can look on my website to see my recommendations or contact me at You will not believe it, but when you make these changes your skin will glow, your hair will be shiny and you will look and feel amazing! Happy alkalinizing!


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