Newsflash- Yes, Tiger Woods is Eating Raw

Leave it to my husband, the golf fanatic, to give me this breaking news while the family is at the beach! According to Bloomberg news (Michael Buteau,Aug 12), Tiger Woods says he is “eating mostly raw and organic foods that provide the most nutrients” while recovering from surgery on his left knee and won’t start playing golf until next year.

To find out more you can also check out fox news at:’09

Why eat raw?

The question really should be, “why not.” Our ancestors ate primarily raw food and our bodies are not meant to digest the large quanitities of cooked and processed foods that we are eating. In a nutshell, in it’s raw state, foods is made up of living enzymes. When we cook the food, we are changing it’s molecular structure and destroying all or part of the healthy nutrients.

Should you eat all-raw or only integrate raw into your diet?

It is really a personal thing. Most people are not ready to eat totally raw but it is a good practice to introduce some raw such as a raw spinach salad, raw carrot sticks, fresh vegetable juices, and lots of fresh fruits into your diet. I eat raw at least one meal and one snack and the rest organic. Do what is best for you and feels the best for your body. For most people, I recommend that they integrate raw fruits and vegetables and a green drink into their diet. This is a good place to start.

What are the benefits?

Eating raw improves your digestion and vitality. It helps your digestive system rest and, thereby, cleanse and heal. You will experience clarity of mind, body and spirit and most people report a feeling a creative surge. As an added bonus most people lose weight when they go raw (Tiger Woods lost 10 lbs.)

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