For whatever reason, this year I have become obsessed with making smoothies and have seen my clients flourish when they add them to their diets! I am not talking about the “Jamba Juice” variety made with powders, frozen yogurt and sugar, but real life smoothies packed with fresh fruits, vegetables and supplements!

Why smoothies?
Not only are smoothies very easy to make only requiring a blender but they are also very easy to drink, portable, delicious and packed with nutrients and live-enzymes! Enzymes help aid in digestion and also make our bodies more alkaline. Additionally, it is very easy to add supplements such as flax seed oil (Omega 3’s for optimal brain function), maca (for sexual and vital energy), hemp seeds (for protein), Spirulina (blue-green algae high in protein) or pumpkin seeds (for prostate cancer prevention.)

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day and sets the tone for the entire day, I recommend that clients begin by making a smoothie in the morning a few days a week and see how they feel. Ideally, having smoothies (or juices) at least 5 days a week is ideal. You can also have smoothies in the afternoon as a “pick me up” after a workout or as an alternative to your Starbuck’s latte!

So, where to begin?
For those of you who know me, you know that I am not a fan of dairy. To read more about this, please see my article The Milk Myth. For this reason, most of my smoothies start with a base of almond milk (my favorite brand is Almond Breeze Vanilla), rice milk or coconut water (use fresh from Thai coconuts or buy the individual One brand.) You could use soy milk but there has been so much controversy regarding soy (to read more go to Is Soy Safe? written by Gena Hamshaw.) In my opinion, it is preferable to just avoid the whole argument and use rice or nut milks if you can. If you are dead-set on using milk, try an organic brand like Milk Thistle or Ronnybrook or a goat milk, which is much easier on the digestion, such as Redwood Hills Farm or Oak Knolls Farm. Both the organic farm-raised milk and the goats milk can be purchased at your local health food store.

Next add the main ingredients. This could be a handful of your favorite fruit with some supplements or if you are adventurous you could throw in some greens powder or a handful of your favorite greens such as spinach or romaine. My clients and friends can’t believe that real greens taste delicious but they do. I do events at schools where I serve green smoothies and kids and adults come back asking for seconds! Personally, I always start with a fresh, organic green such as kale, spinach, romaine or a mixture of the three then add some some protein supplements such as hemp seeds or a handful of nuts or use a freshly made nut milk.

See my “Power Me Up Smoothie” recipe or others to see some of my favorite concoctions. Experiment and get creative! But, most of all have fun!

Kat’s “Power Me Up” Greens Smoothie
Kale (my favorite is Locinato), spinach and/or romaine lettuce
Vanilla almond milk (or soy, rice20or hemp milk)
Water from a Thai coconut (you can cheat & use the small “One” container)
Frozen banana and/or berries
1 tbsp coconut butter (to make it rich and creamy)
1 tsp Maca (for sexual and other vital energy)
1 tsp flax or hemp seed oil (for brain power, focus, overall well-being…)
Pumpkins seeds (for prostate cancer prevention)

Rip the greens into pieces and place into blender filling it up ¾ of the way. Add your vanilla almond milk, frozen fruit and other ingredients in a blender and blend! There is no exact science to this. Experiment and see which combinations you like! This is my favorite, favorite, favorite morning smoothie and I usually make it the night before and then put it in a bottle for my hubby to take to work in the morning!

Strawberry Chocolate Delight Smoothie
Box of fresh strawberries (cut up and pre-freeze)
Coconut meat from 1 Thai coconut (save the water to drink after a run or intense workout)
Almond or Brazil nut milk
Chocolate nibs (unsweetened)
Any supplements you want to add: maca, hemp or flax seed oil

Place the strawberries and coconut meat in your blender and pour in approximately 2-3 cups of almond or Brazil nut milk. Blend until smooth. Put the chocolate nibs into the blender and blend for just a second to chop them up a bit but not entirely so that they stay like little chocolate chips. This smoothie is pure delight!

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