The Importance of Enzymes for Digestion and Overall Health and Vitality

We are all born with a big supply of natural enzymes in our bodies. Enzymes are small proteins that act as catalysts to break down the food in our system and get our digestion process going. Fruits and vegetables are bursting with enzymes, however, these enzymes are destroyed when the food is heated over 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

When cooked food is eaten, the enzymes currently in the body go to help digest the food, and this process takes energy and robs our body of vitality. Who hasn’t eaten too much at Thanksgiving then fallen into a stupor? Well, your body is literally exhausted from all the work it is doing! Our enzyme reserves are like a bank. The more unhealthy cooked foods that we consume the more enzymes we use. The good news is that we have the ability to create more natural enzymes! So, how do we make sure our body has the enzymes it needs and is operating at maximum capacity?

The solution is simple.

1) Add more fruits and leafy green vegetables to your diets.

2) Try to juice at least once a day. Please read my Juice Fast article for more information.

3) Eat more raw fruits and vegetables. This should be easy in the summer when we have an ample, fresh, tempting supply! To learn more about the benefits of eating raw foods, go to my Raw Food: Trendy or Timely? .

4) Take food enzyme supplements before your cooked meals – especially if that meal is going to be a large one combining carbohydrates and proteins- a subject for another day! Enzyme supplements can be purchased at your local health store or through an excellent source Rawfoods that sells a brand called Beauty Enzymes.

5) Minimize or eliminate acidic foods such as white breads, processed or fried foods, coffee, and alcohol. Enough said. We all know this one!

In a nutshell, when we are digesting food at optimal levels=2 0we will not only look and feel great, but our bodies will be operating at maximum capacity. And, when we are operating at maximum capacity, we will be able to burn calories at a faster rate. Adding enzymes and taking steps to conserve the ones you have will make a big difference in weight loss and health!


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