Water: The Single Most Important Thing You Can Add to Your Diet

Tip: Do not drink water or any other drink 30 minutes before eating or wait 1 hour after you eat. Water and other liquids when eaten with food will dilute your digestive enzymes and make it more difficult for your body to digest food (ie. burn calories.)

Your mother was right- you should drink 8 glasses (approximately 1 liter) of water a day! Water is essential for weight loss, skin elasticity and clarity, organ function, digestion and overall health. In fact, it is my opinion that one of the single most important things you can do for yourself is to drink more water!

The human body is comprised of 69% water. Every organ in our body- from our brain to our kidneys and liver to our skin- depends on water to function. Over a lifetime people drink an average of 7,000 gallons or 58,333 pounds of water. Water helps us flush toxins out of our system and is essential to overall health and weight loss.

Do you have poor digestion, sluggish thinking, skin breakouts, headaches, bad breath or general fatigue? If you do, chances are you are not drinking enough water!

The recommended amount of water is 8 glasses a day. Some experts claim that we need to drink half our body weight in ounces each day. For a 120 pound woman this would be almost eight 8 oz glasses of water per day and for a 200 pound male this would about twelve and a half 8 oz glasses. The amount you should drink also depends on how active you are, how many watery foods such as fruits, vegetables and soups you are eating (fruits contain approximately 85% water and vegetables slightly less so), and whether it is winter or summer. During the hot summer months when we are active and out in the sun, it is essential that we drink more water so that we do not become dehydrated!

For those trying to lose weight place a glass of water by your bedside table and drink one full glass as you rise in the morning. Drink water throughout the day being careful not to drink too close to mealtime. One trick I tell clients is to drink a large glass of water 30 minutes to 1 hour before meals to fill you up. Not only will you feel more hydrated but it will give you a feeling of satiety and you will end up eating less.
As noted above, it is very important not to drink a lot of water with a meal because you will dilute the digestive juices and virtually slow down the metabolism of your food. Big “no-no” if you are trying to lose weight!

It is also important to control the quality of water you drink as well as the quality of water that you put on your body. Buy a water filter system for your home and when you are away from home drink a well-known brand of bottled water (and try to avoid those in plastic bottles because chemicals are absorbed from the plastic into the water.) We use a Britta water filter in our home but there are more advanced ones that you can have installed. Additionally, place a filter on your shower head to have chlorine-free water. You will notice a difference in your hair and in your skin.

There is nothing more important you can do for the health of your body than drink water so after an 8 hour sleep at night, wake up and reach for a glass of water first instead of a morning cup of coffee to energize your body, rehydrate and start your day off on the right foot!

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